All the latest news on our company and some of the most significant installations of our indoor and outdoor electric lifts. Discover the great versatility of Pangea elevators through specific in-depth information on tailor-made solutions for our customers.

External Lifts: Solutions For Every Space And Style

External lifts: solutions for every space and style

Pangea has been developing customized solutions for years, satisfying both the practical and the aesthetic sense.
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Custom Elevators: Quality And Safety With Taste

Custom elevators: quality and safety with taste

Pangea customized elevators are the ideal combination for those seeking quality and freedom of expression; because the possibility of personalizing the lift is one of the main factors in the evaluation process.
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Electric Elevators: Less Consumption, More Efficiency

Electric elevators: less consumption, more efficiency

Choosing a Pangea electric elevator means making an ecological and energy-saving choice; and above all it means having the possibility of a wide choice in terms of versatility and solutions.
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Elevators For The Disabled: Solutions Beyond Any Barrier

Elevators for the disabled: solutions beyond any barrier

Where there are architectural barriers (all too frequent), Pangea intervenes, offering a solution to the obstacle and building elevators tailored to people's needs.
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A Prestigious Electric Lift For A Private House In Bavaria, Germany

A prestigious electric lift for a private house in Bavaria, Germany

This elevator, installed in a private house in Rosenheim in Bavaria, is an excellent proof of the versatility of our electric lifts and their ability to fit the style of the house.
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EW Lux Electric Lift Installed In The Province Of Bolzano

EW Lux electric lift installed in the province of Bolzano

The presence of an elevator is one of the key factors when considering moving to a multi-storey building, and is one of the reasons why we are increasingly being asked to install our electric lifts in old condominiums that do not have one.
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An Outdoor Lift Suitable For Any Context: Pangea EW Flex

An outdoor lift suitable for any context: Pangea EW Flex

The design and construction versatility of our systems allows us to offer outdoor electric lifts able to adapt to any type of context.
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EW Next Electric Lift In A Modern Villa On Lake Ledro

EW Next electric lift in a modern villa on Lake Ledro

The installation of an electric lift can be crucial to ensure maximum accessibility to the various areas of the house in which it’s installed.
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