External lifts: solutions for every space and style

The ability to provide solutions for vertical transport in limited spaces is increasingly required, especially when there is the need to adapt the lift to a precise architectural style. Often the most compliant solution is to build an external lift.

Pangea has been developing customized solutions for years, satisfying both the practical and the aesthetic sense. In fact, especially in environments where a first glance determines customer satisfaction, it’s essential to know how to build lifts with a style appropriate to the architectural structure.

One of the latest projects that concretely responds to what has been said, is the four-stop lift installed for the John Luxury Suites hotel in Folgaria (TN). The biggest challenge in this case was integrating the external structure of the elevator to the particular style of the hotel.

The dark facades of the building led to a choice that could well blend in; Pangea therefore designed an elevator with an external structure in the same color, which harmoniously frames the cabin windows. The dark shade makes lift and hotel come together in a single chromatic whole, creating a beautiful visual impact without being too intrusive from an external point of view.

Lifting platforms: comfort and versatility in a single solution

Contacting Pangea means having the certainty of being able to always find a solution.

In the tourism context and specifically in the hotel sector, competition is really high: this is why it’s good to stand out and aim for the best.

The question is: what is the prospect looking for? Comfort. Pangea elevators are therefore perfect for responding to this function because they guarantee:

  • Safety: the speed limiter fitted to the lifting platform avoids the uncontrolled movement of the platform.
  • Comfort and noiseless operation: the platform’s drive electronics ensure gentle starts and stops and accurate stoppage at the floor.

What are those who choose to install an elevator in their structure looking for, in this case… what is the owner of a hotel looking for? Savings, efficiency and the possibility of choosing a product in line with architectural needs. Pangea elevators also reflect these demands because they offer:

  • Low consumption: thanks to the high energy efficiency system.
  • Design versatility: on the basis of the available space, lifts for interiors and / or exteriors are created; moreover it is possible to choose among infinite possibilities of combinations and customizations, from the external structure to the internal cabin.
  • Anti blackout system: the presence of batteries is designed so that, even in the event of a power failure from the network, the lift can continue to operate for various runs.
  • Respect for the environment.

Pangea lifting platforms perfectly summarize the points of view of each of the parties, satisfying every request. In particular, customers will be fully satisfied with their stay in the structure, because comfort is also convenience of movement and easy accessibility to spaces.