Electric elevators: less consumption, more efficiency

From the third century BC to date, the lift has undergone an incredible historical evolution. But electric elevators are not even as recent as one might think.

It’s the end of the 19th century when, for the first time, the German inventor W. Von Siemens introduced the electric motor lift to the world. And only a few years later, these innovations in the field of “rapid movement”, begin to be installed in buildings. From here, the road to innovation is all downhill: automatic doors and controls, speed increase, … up to us. Today the advantages that an electric lift is able to offer are many; and for this reason Pangea offers a wide choice and many tips relating to lifting platforms and elevators for exteriors and interiors. All fueled by years of experience in the sector.

Choosing a Pangea electric elevator means making an ecological and energy-saving choice; and above all it means having the possibility of a wide choice in terms of versatility and solutions.

The advantages of an electric elevator: safety, savings, design

Now, imagine a light bulb: it seems utopian to think that an elevator can consume as much as this small source of light. Still, it is reality. This is because Pangea has always been looking for the cutting-edge solution and has been studying the perfect formula for years to offer greater autonomy, greater savings and minimum consumption. All this becomes concrete when the ARE®H2E technology is used: same performance as a common lifting platform but with less than 1/3 of electricity consumption. The Pangea lifts also offer “human-friendly” advantages, since the presence of batteries allows them to be used safely even in the event of a blackout; “eco-friendly” advantages, since there is no need to use oil for the sliding guides; and “design-friendly” advantages, because the motor located in the stroke compartment goes unnoticed, without the need therefore to have dedicated spaces for the control units (as happens instead with hydraulic lifts). In short, a choice that satisfies all parties.

Elevators and lifting platforms for everyone

Wherever you live, Pangea reaches you, creating solutions suitable for each home or structure; there is no type of barrier that can prevent comfort. And whether it’s internal or external elevators, everything becomes achievable (and also aesthetically possible).

For example, in a modern villa on Lake Ledro, Pangea has installed an electric lift that has been able to perfectly integrate with the available space.

In fact, the house, structured on two levels, wanted to make access to the swimming pool easier: in this sense then, a two-stop electric lift was built so that you can directly access the lower garden in a few moments. Everything has been inserted with extreme aesthetic sensitivity in the architectural context of the home; because taste (and the possibility of choosing various design solutions) is also essential.

Therefore, the experience in the field of Pangea smart elevators has revolutionized the concept of “useful and beautiful” and continues to do so, innovating every day. And the formula “efficiency + technical and aesthetic versatility” are the steps to follow.