EW Next electric lift in a modern villa on Lake Ledro

The installation of an electric lift can be crucial to ensure maximum accessibility to the various areas of the house in which it’s installed.

This elevator built in a villa located near Lake Ledro, which connects all the main rooms quickly and conveniently, is the perfect example.

Being this modern villa organized on two levels, the access to the pool area from the main entrance was necessarily through the house.

Thanks to our two-stop electric elevator, perfectly integrated in the architectural style of the building thanks to the many customizations available, it’s possible to access the lower garden in a few moments.

Elewatt: the efficient and reliable electric lift

The constructive flexibility of this particular structure has allowed us to fully exploit the available space, perfectly adapting the elevation system to the aesthetic characteristics of the building.

In fact, our EW Next line guarantees an excellent cost-benefit ratio, maintaining a high degree of efficiency and quality.

All our systems are environmentally friendly and highly reliable, thanks to an innovative traction system that uses very little power and works even in the event of a black-out.