A prestigious electric lift for a private house in Bavaria, Germany

The Pangea Ew Flex electric lift stands out for its ability to fit perfectly into any home.

The constructive flexibility of our systems allows a rapid installation and often without the need to carry out structural interventions.

Ew Flex: the perfect electric lift for every need

This elevator, installed in a private house in Rosenheim in Bavaria, is an excellent proof of the versatility of our electric lifts and their ability to fit the style of the house.

A very important feature especially in pre-existing housing units, which through the installation of a modern element such as the Ew Flex can increase their architectural and economic value.

It’s important to point out that, although in this specific case the elevator has been installed inside the house, the Ew Flex elevator can be easily placed in any environment for both inside and outside the building, as shown in this case study.

The advantages of Pangea electric lifts

The installation of a Pangea electric lift brings several advantages to the housing units in which it will find space.

First of all, the high energy efficiency resulting from a careful design and subsequent patent, translates into low energy consumption.

Maximum transport safety, guaranteed by a platform control system, makes the system ideal for the elderly and the disabled, which combined with quiet running offers a high level of user comfort.

To all this is added the ability to adapt the structure to the available spaces and to customize the elevator according to the needs of the user and the style of the building.